Steel Pipe Made in China

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Steel Pipe Made in China Steel Pipe Made in China

Steel Pipe Made in China Introduction: Welded steel pipe refers to the steel pipe with joint on the surface after bending deformation of steel strip or steel plate into round, square and other shapes. The blank used for welding steel pipe is steel plate or strip steel. Since the 1930s, with the rapid development of high-quality strip continuous rolling production and the progress of welding and inspection technology, the quality of weld joint is constantly improved, and the variety and specification of welded steel pipe are increasing day by day, and the seamless steel pipe is replaced in more and more fields. Compared with seamless steel pipe, welded steel pipe has lower cost and higher production efficiency. Advantage: Generally, the welded steel pipe has high precision, uniform wall thickness, high brightness of the inner and outer surfaces of the pipe (the surface brightness of the steel pipe is determined by the surface grade of the steel plate), and can be arbitrarily fixed. Therefore, it embodies its economy and aesthetics in high-precision, medium and low-pressure fluid applications. Application: Welded round iron hollow pipes are mainly used in boilers, automobiles, ships, and light-weight structural doors and windows steel, furniture, various agricultural machinery, scaffolding, wire threading pipes, high-rise shelves, containers, etc. Welded pipes are classified according to purpose: general welded pipes, galvanized welded pipes, oxygen-blowing welded pipes, wire casings, metric welded pipes, roller pipes, deep well pump pipes, automotive pipes, transformer pipes, electric welded thin-walled pipes, electric welding Shaped pipe and spiral welded pipe. Packing and Delivery: FAQ: Q: When can I get the price? A: Usually we quote within 8 hours after we get your inquiry. Q: What鈥檚 is your shipping service? A: We can provide services for vessel booking, goods consolidation, customs declaration, shipping documents preparation and delivery bulk at the shipping port. Q: Can we be your agent? A: Yes, welcome to cooperate with this. We have big promotion in the market now. For the details please contact us.Steel Pipe Made in China website: