What are the precautions for train insulator installation?

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train insulator is very common in our life. When you wait for the train, you will see all kinds of train insulator, which is made by train insulator factory. According to the characteristics of different regions, the types of train insulator are different, so choosing the appropriate train insulator can give full play to the advantages of train insulator. The main purpose of the train insulator is to make the turn of the train. In order to ensure normal steering, the train insulator should be installed. Let's take a look at the installation precautions with train insulator manufacturer train insulator.

The ditch tie is placed according to the ditch spacing mark on the straight rail. When the pad, the basic rail assembly, and the pad on the frog are cross-marked due to the distance between the loading material and the fork tie, the pad shall first be returned to the marked position.

The switch rail, base rail and frog are in assembly condition. Factory assembly and commissioning; Under normal circumstances, it is not allowed to disassemble parts into parts. Especially for the frog part of the moving track, if the train insulator sleeper hole is not aligned with the pad hole during site laying, the position of the train insulator sleeper should be adjusted, and the pad should not be removed. Each component shall be field tested in groups. When laying, each part shall be laid according to the corresponding number and shall not be laid cross-over. When the train insulator breaks, the two sharp rails at the break end are moved into a square shape to facilitate the transfer of the equipment and the flexible movement of the external locking device.

When the top iron is not in place, or the tip rail and the core rail are clamped, the adjustment can be adjusted by adding or reducing the adjustment piece. When the gap between the two sides of the limiter is not uniform, the limiter can be adjusted by cross-flow.

train insulator https://www.hbrailwayfastening.com/Rail-Insulators-Gauge-Plates.html