What are the main functions of special type milling machine?

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special type milling machine can be seen in CNC factories, and its main functions are summarized as follows:

1. Auxiliary functions

The auxiliary function is also known as the M function, which is used to specify the start, stop and turn of the spindle, the switch and disconnect of the coolant, the start and stop of the tool store, etc.

2. Operation function

CNC machine tool system can usually perform conditional program segment execution, program segment skip, mechanical lock, auxiliary function lock, single segment, trial run, recording, teaching and other operations.

3, tool function

Tool function refers to the automatic selection of tools and automatic tool change.

4. Preparation function

The preparation function, also known as the G function, is used to command the operation mode of the machine, including basic movement, program pause, plane selection, coordinate setting, tool compensation, reference point return, fixed cycle and metric conversion.

5, tool compensation

Tool compensation includes tool position compensation, tool radius compensation and tool length compensation. Position compensation is the compensation for the change of the position of the tool tip. The radius compensation is the compensation of the circular radius of the tool tip and the radius of the milling cutter, and the length compensation refers to the compensation of the change of the tool length along the direction of the machining depth of the milling machine and the machining center.

6, program management function

Program management refers to the retrieval, editing, modification, insertion, deletion, renaming of the processing program and the storage and communication of the program.

7. Interpolation function

The interpolation function refers to the linear processing capability of the special type milling machine. The stronger the interpolation function is, the more complex the contours can be processed by the CNC system. At present, CNC machine tool system can not only interpolate straight lines, arcs, but also parabola, ellipse, sine curve, spiral curve and spline function.

8. Feed function

Feed function includes fast feed (empty operation), cutting feed, manual continuous feed, point feed, feed rate adjustment (rate switch), automatic acceleration and deceleration function.

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